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Should I Brush My Dog Before or After A Bath?

Should I Brush My Dog before or after A Bath

Bathing is of course appearing as the best way to keep your dog clean and fresh throughout the weeks. And even the use of waterless dry shampoos or home alternatives. But bathing isn’t as relaxing to dogs as like us because it includes too much struggle for them like water sprinkling, use of shampoo, scrubbing, and […]

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Best Dog Grooming Tools And Uses

Dog Grooming Tools

The best dog grooming tools and uses is the first and foremost topic that you need to learn about before you go for home grooming your dog. Taking your baby to professional dog groomers or experts is way too expensive which would slightly end up all your savings. Taking your baby to any regular street […]

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How To Remove Dog Hairs From Car Seats?

Remove Dog Hairs From Car Seats

Do you know How to Remove Dog Hairs from Car Seats? If you have an energetic and active fur baby at home, you might face the most critical issues while taking them outing in the car. The majority of dogs usually have the problems of shedding and as a result, you’ll find tons of hair […]

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Best Deshedder For Short Hair Dogs

best deshedder for short hair dogs

Best deshedder for short hair dogs is the second most important thing for your dog followed by the Best slicker brush for doodles. Well, apart from brushing your dog’s hair, another most important thing is to deshed your dog’s hair on a regular basis. Dog fur may be of different sizes like small, medium, and […]

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Best Slicker Brush For Doodles

Best Slicker Brush For Doodles

A cute dog requires regular brushing i.e. once every week to stay clean and safest from harmful insects stuck inside the fur. Dogs usually get matted very soon as they play all day long and get much debris stuck inside their fur and later on resulting in stubborn tangles. Well, this is the problem for […]

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How To Cut Dogs Face Hair?

How to cut dogs face hair

If you are a new dog owner reading out this content you might be wondering that ‘how to cut dogs face hair? It seems to be difficult!’ absolutely no, trimming dog hair around the face may be a bit scary if it’s your first time grooming around the face and your dog is too wobbly. […]

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How To Groom A Goldendoodle At Home?

how to groom a goldendoodle at home

How to groom a Goldendoodle at home- was a requirement of a lot of dog owners out there. So we are here today for shortly expressing the right way to go for the entire trimming process. Well in this regard you need some basic knowledge of Goldendoodles, their coat type, and the grooming process.Do golden […]

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How to Trim Dog Hair between Paws?

How to trim dog hair between paws

Dog hairs between the paw pads are considered as their hair for protection but the excess growth of that hair may result in tragedy. But I personally think that all dog owners need to know how to trim dog hair between paws because, the short-coated dog breeds don’t require to go through this trimming, but […]

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Why Wont My Clippers Cut My Dog’s Hair?

Why wont clippers cut my dogs hair

Clipping or trimming is a vital part of the consideration in regard to dog home grooming. As firstly like new dog owners, I also had the question in my mind on ‘why won’t my clippers cut my dog’s hair’. Searching for the solutions, I simply googled it but the results weren’t satisfying. So, I hope […]

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How To Sedate A Dog At Home For Grooming?

How To Sedate A Dog At Home For Grooming

Dogs don’t actually understand what we are doing to them or they even don’t think if it is good for them or bad. Many dogs usually remain anxious during a home grooming and so this piece of writing will help you to know how to sedate a dog at home for grooming. Dogs are indeed […]

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