Best Dog Grooming Table For At Home Use

Best dog grooming table for at home use

Starting from the introduction until the conclusion of dog home grooming, the Best dog grooming table for at home use is a must in your new dog grooming list. If you are a professional or a mobile pet groomer, the grooming table selection is a must for your barking clients. The only one but the best quality grooming table is affordable for home use but if you’re thinking of a mobile pet shop, you might require two grooming tables. In this section of picking out the qualified one, most dog owners are in a great dilemma. But nothing to worry about, we’re here to give you some sort of brief description on the top picks of grooming table.

If you are wondering if to buy it or do the work keeping in your lap, then be careful from this mistake as your lap isn’t the safest place for your dog’s grooming rather it’s too risky. If you are using a dog grooming table, then it would be easier for you to tackle your dog or restrain your dog while grooming. Otherwise, when you are grooming around the eye section or other sensitive parts, you’ve nothing but risk. So, here are some most recommended best dog grooming table for home use as follows:

Top 7 Best Dog Grooming Table For At Home Use

Best Heavy Duty Foldable Grooming Table for Large Dogs - Flying Pig Large Size Super Durable Table

Flying Pig Super Durable

This type of grooming table is said to be the most preferable for big dogs. It’s designed for professional grooming easily at home. It has a durable steel frame and non-slip surface which makes it easier for you to restrain your dog easily. Consists of the noose and loops and can be equipped with a bone-shaped non-skid rubber tabletop. This sort of table is designed to control up to 330 Ibs. Besides, this table is also available in the other two sizes for medium and small dogs. It’s found in three colors like black, blue, and orange.


  • Comes with a non-slip surface
  • Its size is 44"L x 24"W x 31.5"H
  • Can carry up to 330 Ibs
  • The Entire frame is built up with stainless steel
  • Comes with foldable and adjustable grooming arms, storage basket noose, and loop
  • Available in two other sizes like 38”x22”x31.5” (LWH) for medium-sized dogs and 32”x21”x31.5” (LWH) for small dogs
  • Easy and foldable use
  • Easy to clean
  • Heavy duty and durable support


  • None

Medium Dog 38”x22”x31.5”

Small Dog 32”x21”x31.5"

Cost Effective Polar Aurora Heavy Duty Foldable Professional Grooming Table

Polar Aurora Heavy Duty

If you’re interested to have a look at the products below $100 then the polar aurora heavy-duty professional grooming table would be the best choice for you. All these three designs of this grooming table come for the convenience of large, medium-sized, and small dogs. This table has come to be so popular for its reasonable price and unparalleled quality. It’s more significant for heavy-duty professional grooming for home grooming. It’s totally composed of stainless steel with a water-proof non-slip surface.


  • Stable and waterproof rubber tabletop
  • Arm is adjustable with a length of 26”
  • Size is L30", W18.5", H33.5" and is high from the floor of 33.5”
  • Can control up to the weight of 250 Ibs
  • The edges of the table are curved for extra safety
  • On the 4 legs of stainless steel, there’s a rubber cap on each
  • The shelf below the table allows keeping necessary materials to hand
  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy washable


  • None

Easy Adjustable Yaheetech Pet Grooming Table- 45-Inch Large Heavy Duty

Yaheetech Grooming Table

This table has owned the heart of many an expert dog owner which is said to be working as the heavy-duty professional one. The buyers never complain after purchasing this product as they could hardly find any defect of these items. This table also consists of round edges to avoid risks. Many owners report that this table is applicable for dogs of all sizes. Also it comes with a mesh storage tray. The surface of the table is non-skid and scratch proof. Its color is black and it’s too comfortable to use and clean.


  • Its size is 46.5 x 24 x 69.7 inch (L x W x H)
  • It’s so less space occupying of 45 x 24 x 29.9 inch (L x W x H) when unfolded and L45 x W24 x H3.1 inches when folded
  • The mesh storage rack is 26 x 14.8 x 1.6 inch (L x W x H)
  • It can groom up to dog weighing 120 kg 264.6 Ibs
  • The mesh rack can carry up to 10 kg or 22 Ibs
  • Body material is stainless steel
  • The 4 legs of the table are covered with rubber caps
  • The tabletop is non-slip and scratch proof


  • New owners face a bit problems in cleaning

Go Pet Club Best Electric Motor Z-Lift Grooming Table for Home Use

Go Pet Club Electric Table

If your dog is bored with the foldable grooming table, you may go with the electric ones. The go pet club electric grooming table is also convenient for dogs with hip issues as it’s easier for them to get on it. These are easily spreadable all over the floor to make your dog easily step on it. The Z lift base makes it even more stable and non-wobbly. It’s designed for both professional grooming and home use.


  • It has an H-type base
  • Its size is  36"W x 23.6" L
  • Electric motor lifts up and adjusts up to 21.5" - 41.3" H
  • Its surface is static-free
  • The tabletop is non-slip
  • Electric connection makes it easier to work
  • Safety ensuring for your dog
  • Comes with adjustable arm and leash


  • Doesn’t come with a tool rack
  • A bit space consuming

Super - Low and Heavy Duty Electric Lift Grooming Table – Flying Pig Electric

 Electric Lift GroomingTable

The flying pig is among the most trusted brands for dog home grooming. All the products are equally wonderful, but the Flying Pig Heavy Duty Electric Lift Grooming Table is just simply awesome. It makes your grooming easier by being electronic; it runs on wheels which makes it even more convenient to move from one place to another. The electric grooming table is the best choice if you are deciding to open a mobile pet shop or you are grooming your baby at home.


  • The table’s dimension is 45.80"L x 25.70"W x  40.50”H
  • Comes with dual foot paddles
  • Gives a power supply of 110V
  • Its silicon tabletop is easily removable
  • Its X styled structure gives more convenient effort
  • It’s lifting range is in an average of 11.25" to 40.65"H
  • Its equipped with grooming loops, leg levelers, and Stainless Steel Overhead Arm


  • Some users would recommend having a longer power chord
  • A bit space-occupying

Best Hydraulic Table For Home Use - Groomer's Best Grooming Table

Groomer's Grooming Table

If you are looking for hydraulic ones, in fact, the groomer's best hydraulic table would be the best option for you and your pup. This table is considered to be suitable for both large-sized dogs and small dogs. The hydraulic tables are durable and at the same time, much long-lasting compared to the foldable ones. The table’s sturdy and so much helpful for the new dog owners out there. It’s quite helpful for the dogs with hip displacement because this table can lie down and spreads over the floor which makes it easier for the dog to get on it.


  • It’s size is 24” X 42”
  • Height is adjustable from 19” to 40”
  • Has a warranty of 3 years
  • It’s made with 14-gauge powder-coated steel
  • Made in the USA


  • A bit space consuming

Most Efficient Grooming Table For Regular Use- Master Equipment Pet Grooming Table

Master Equipment Table

The Master Equipment Pet Grooming Table is the best choice for those owners who have their pup belong to small dog breeds and want to go with the easily portable grooming table. This table is specially designed for small dogs. Its shape is a circle and the table is rotatory so it helps to groom the dog so easily. It’s also helpful for dogs with hip issues but it’s not for professional use, it’s for home use. As a portable table of just 10 pounds, it’s obviously reasonable in its price.


  • The tabletop is non-slip
  • Its dimension is 23.75 x 18.00 x 3.75 inches
  • Round table with rotatory facilities
  • Has a diameter of 18”
  • Easy portability


  • Only designed for small dogs

Overall Best And Budget Friendly

Flying Pig Heavy Duty Foldable Grooming Table 

High Quality And Popular Hydralic

Groomer's Best Hydraulic Grooming Table

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